Hello! I'm Aron! I am an illustrator, designer, and fantasy wizard in Burbank, CA. I work for Walt Disney Imagineering, have worked for Cartoon Network, and I'm on a mission to build a time machine, make cool stuff-- and cast light wherever I may go. I am currently developing an animation pitch in my spare time.

I have been interested in drawing, building, and crafting since I was a kiddo. I love to work both digitally and traditionally, and I'm fond of working in a variety of art styles and materials.

I enjoy adventuring regularly in Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Pathfinder. Along with adventuring, I also cast custom Polyhedral Dice for gameplay.

I've done some novice voice work, and my voice style is described as "Aunt Muppet". Science, space, and time are pretty rad to me and I also have an affinity for vintage aesthetic. I love visiting Disneyland and you can often find me waiting in line there for a Dole Whip Float. 

I have a rad boyfriend who's not a Doctor but has played one on TV, and my critters are a black cat with thumbs, two noisy birbs, and a Russian Dwarf Hamster named Kosmos.

Upcoming Shows I will have artwork showing & for sale in:

*NOTE: Show dates subject to change - email me or check my art blog for more details closer to show date for updates*

Recent shows I’ve participated in:

QPOP Konatsu Show: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Mar 16th, 2018

Aloha Lolligag Custom Vinyl Figure Art Show: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Mar 25th, 2017

The Sweet Pink Art Show: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Feb 18th, 2017

Revolutionary Girl Utena Tribute Art Show: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Apr 30th, 2016

QPOP Konatsu Exhibition: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Apr 1st, 2016

YOKAI: The horror of Shigeru Mizuki: Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Feb 27th, 2016

The Big Top Wonder: Pinup Girl Boutique 3606 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank CA: Oct 30th, 2015

IN THE YEAR 199X: A 90’s Anime Tribute Show: Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics 7522 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA: Jul 3rd, 2015

Doraemon Art Show; Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Jul 4th, 2015

Jurassic Art Show; Community - Fan*Alley (formerly A Little Known Shop), Anaheim, CA: Jun 13th, 2015

Sea Dragon Brothers: Tatsunoko Pro Tribute Art ShowQpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Saturday May 30th, 2015

Unicats & Catacorns Show; Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Feb 2015

Don Bluth Tribute Show; A Little Known Shop, Anaheim: Jan 2015

Super Smashing Holiday; Qpop (Q2) Gallery, Los Angeles: Dec 2014

The Iron Giant Art Show; A Little Known Shop, Anaheim: Sept 2014

Beam Me Up: Star Trek Art Show; Qpop Gallery, Los Angeles: Feb 2013

Published Works:

Coming Soon!

Additional Information:
The artwork posted here is my work unless otherwise specified on an individual basis. All characters in Fan Art, as well as characters drawn for commission belong to their respective owners.

Also, The views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent The Walt Disney Company or Cartoon Network.